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marți, octombrie 20, 2009


let's pretend
we all do what we think
and that we're together
for no other reason
than trust

let's pretend
there's no evil,
no fear
and that we can walk
like two strangers
in the night.

let's pretend
we're just two people
out on a busy highway
trying to catch a car
to go nowhere
at all.

let's pretend
we have time
to resume all dreamings
and to make the world
way better
than it is.

let's try
maybe let's try
let us run together
away from this dusty city round
let go all doubts
and live

let's try
let's try
maybe let us try
and know
and never know
and learn
not to pretend.

duminică, octombrie 18, 2009

Universal Saga


They were two steps on the wet sand, the tide washed it away...
The glance of the silence and the line of time,
two seats for two in a dark hall
of an old good theatre.
A world for two in a world for one
and a flower's dream for a butterfly.

She asked: "Do you know life?"
and he answered:
"I'm her son".
That's when they found out about happiness.
"There are two banks" she said.
"One of sorrow and one of desire"
"So, when have you learned to fly?"

She asked: "Do you feel pain?"
and he answered:
"It's nothing but fear. Fear to be the one you are"
"When you face a falling wall"
"Of your own integrity"

She asked: "Can you keep us safe"
"and one and always forever?"
And he answered:
"There's no always and no forever,"
"but there's just now".


It comes with no warning, it comes on a wrong way,
rich harvest of innocence, the fruit of curiosity; i
t changes the sight for other colours
and it sings for those who thought they were born deaf and blind.
It cuts the legs of a running hope
but it gives wings to the desperate loneliness
so that it can become a dual joy.
It rings the bells and it shuts the doors.
Always above and always below,
the primary law of attraction and unity,
the primary law of sacrifice.
It can kill, it can resurrect;
it can fall down like a mountain stream or it can crawl like a spring tress,
still it's the beginning and the end.


She says: "Don't raise anger"
"In a garden of sun"
And he replies:
"It's a plague"
"Coming with the rain, when it brings thunder".
"Thunder is the light, but it's also the darkness"
"And without darkness we would miss the light."

She says:"Guard the moments"
"Which you lose while waiting for the bus."
And he replies:
"That's when I think"
"The world is wonderful"
"Turn around to see a passing face"
"Of someone you have never seen"
"He might be happier - then learn"
"He might be unhappy - then teach"


That's the two of them,
the One and the Other.
One is the wind, one is the branch;
one is the star, one is the universe;
one is the sea, one is the shore.
They'll never meet, one is the satellite
turning around the other's world.
They'll never part, one is the rhythm
of the other's heart.
Both looking for a meaning
in what has always been the truth,
what has always been the answer
to the uncertainty
of life.

Body Fragile

Rocks, metal and glass...with the smoothness of a feather, the sun falls to the ground.

Swimming through the light, the soul of Icarus

forgot to trace the line between allowed and forbidden.

Our body fragile.

Can one break the glasses, wishing to see the sun?

The blind see better, no matter if eyes closed.

Hoping for a wonder, all look for a universal cure.

Our body fragile.

What's thinner, glass or ice, be it spring or winter?

If one runs on thin ice, the water will see one's heart pulsing in one's fingers.

If one runs on glass, the earth sees one's fear.

So it's better to contemplate.

Our body fragile.

What's high, is high, what's deep, is deep. We live on average altitudes.

Loving to sprite and to dive we learn how not to.

Turn away, pieces will never turn into a whole.

Our body fragile.

What's curable, makes statistics, what isn't makes life;

who learns to love this life is the winner.

Who's not afraid of loss and of mending,

who doesn't seek order lives.

Our body fragile.

Rocks, metal and glass...What if we always tried to see what's harder,

what if we were afraid to break?

Who would have told us we're small bugs on a blue, round wonder...

Our body fragile.

sâmbătă, februarie 10, 2007

She was talking to the flowers

She was talking to the flowers. All men were silent,
but she spoke.
She cared not for their worn-out eyes,
she loved life,
so she spoke.

No man sees the petals, when they're in bloom,
but she saw.
Chronically busy, overloaded souls
never care,
still she saw.

She was greeting the sunrise. All eyes were closed,
but she was.
The point was the invention of electric light,
why bothering?
But she was.

When you're close to an end, bother
yourself to look into the mirror for just one life...

Time never forgives, but gives -
flowers and sun to everybody
enough alive
to understand...


sâmbătă, decembrie 09, 2006

Behind the screen

And life is only what you live
Behind a hand-made screen;
Each day’s a gift, which you receive
Or let it pass unseen.

All miracles you call a fake,
Because they’ve passed you by,
Are still so real; and they can make
You never wonder why

Behind the screen’s another sun,
While you can have the light.
Let freedom in and be the one
To find the way to height!


Afraid of what?

People on earth
put on divers every day
as suits,
coming and going down the streets.
Afraid of the air,
afraid of being

And when one dares to breathe,
the world becomes
beyond the fear,
beyond the glass,
the shame,
the knowledge that to breathe’s
a crime…


duminică, decembrie 03, 2006


I know no words, i’m beyond them;
silence will never end.
I break sounds like glass breaks in awkward hands
and the sounds fall down on earth.
If time stops for a second, i will show
that the glass has a heart, like the heart of the music
and that silence
is the key to play one’s heart, as melodies love being listened to.
No-one knows what it is like,
to grow old above silence
and to contemplate the absence of all needing to be absent
long time ago...


Open the door

Open the door and we’ll never see you.
Open the door to that side.
Who wants to hold you, who wants to keep you, who wants to lose the only key?
Who holds your smile, who holds your whisper, your eyes’ kindness, your words, your mind?
Who wants to catch you and never let you, who wants to stand and never run?
Who wants to reach you, who wants to stop you and turn it upside down?
Are they all wrong? You don’t know the answer, you have your door, you have your key.
But each time you’re coming home, it’s not to them and it has no meaning.
You open the door to that side.
Once we were thoughtless, but now we stand by a closed door;
wishing to know why, though knowing
that it’s all
and forever
and gone.


To ***

All i know is: i saw the light.
It was pure and deep, like the sun.
Shining as a miracle, it emptied
a heart in grief, which locked inside darkness
as a withered leaf.

We are not alone.

When it’s shining,
we’re saved by the light.
Which loves all and everything,
all as one,
like we have been told, but have never done,
falling and afraid of standing,
as if we were blind and hopeless
never seeing
the light
in the dark.


luni, iulie 03, 2006


blindness rules the earth; maybe we fall

the only invented medicine is time, but it never heals

we cannot share and we're afraid to die

today or tomorrow, when we part, it's forever

forever doesn't exist and there's only now

it's time; maybe we don't exist, we have never existed

it's the beginning; maybe it's the end; or no beginnings and no ends

what we know will never help us

But when we say
"It's impossible, it doesn't exist"
we skip one thing:
that it may be...


When you want...

I have given you what keeps me alive: time, truth and courage
and you want a "forever", an "all" and a war.
What's the reason for wanting nothing or all,
all or nothing,
when you can have so much out of all
and have all,
asking for nothing...


I can

I can stop a wall from being built or from falling,
I can find a secret door,
I can come in and close it after me,
I can see, I can hear, I can be deaf or blind,
I can look into deceiving eyes,
I can follow, I can lead, I can gather,
I can reach the unknown, I can listen,
I can bring the light out of the dark, when I'm asked to,
I can be more than this world and I can be a raindrop,
I can be everything,
still I am nothing of what
I can be...


Turn my heart off

Turn my heart off.
I need a break
from life, endless line, which is always pulsing
inside, letting come and letting go.

Turn my heart off.
There's too much love
for life, which never hears and never listens
to what it has to say.

Turn my heart off.
After reloading
i won't sense it devouring my feelings
each time I want to live.


marți, mai 16, 2006


This has all gone too far, so now I say “Forgive me!”.
For this look that wants to give, but only takes;
for these eyes that are too frank and thus impossible to trust.
We all killed time, not seeing how time killed us, spending silence for a drink, in childish dreams with winter gone
and prayed to dark angels on both sides of the road
leading to paradise.
What’s paradise? A myth or just a state of mind we never notice when we wash away our goals
along with worn-out make-up in the eve…
Why are we blind when everything has helped us see and share and love each day and everything around?

This all has gone too far. Am I the one to say “Forgive me!”
for sins that used
to save?...



You are a broken branch of a nameless arbour,
you float with the wind.
Every rock scratches you to blood,
when you fall in the rain.
You’re crippled, so you’re useless,
you’re not an old man’s stick,
nor a piece of furniture,
nor a wooden spoon…
Sometimes, dogs would run for you, but they lose you in the grass,
where you lie, forgotten,
until the wind
takes you away.

You are a broken branch of a nameless arbour.
Unable to take root,
but not yet



On a pillow of others’ good will you sleep.
Cloudless dream
at the edge of the world,
when expectations of thunder don’t bother you,
when you’re free.
With both my hands I reach you
and cover your thoughts with silence,
and you lie
as a flower of peace among fears,
when no-one falls asleep
any more…


marți, februarie 07, 2006


Timeless, priceless, ceaseless,
has two beginnings and no end,
though it has always been



Urban fog, dizzy lights and noise;
vertical life,
public feelings,
common law.
Up and down, not aware of the height,
closer to the stars, but farther than ever;
overcrowded souls,
parachute memories,
privacy for sale,
expensive illusions,
naked self.
Dependence, wrapped in plastic, runs out of knowledge;
window view,
square thinking,
acceptance of walls,
false interactions.

Urban life
devours silence for lunch
every day...


luni, februarie 06, 2006


In spite of the world, we exist;
We breathe, we dare to ask, we dare to answer; we attempt;
We eradicate distance
and we reach the stars.
In spite of eternity, we live;
We defy death every hour, as we defy time;
We speak all languages, we whisper;
and we make up ourselves.
In spite of the fear, we move;
We challenge our minds and win,
but still we never learn to love,
asking nothing
in return...


duminică, februarie 05, 2006


I'm counting your wrinkles like folds on a curtain,
each wrinkle's a dolour.
On your heart - thousand fingerprints,
left by those
who were to be saved.
Preacher of love, forgiving all sins, making losers believe,
you take each life by its end, like a thread,
and wear it as clothes every time.
And they throw you away, in the snow, where you lie,
and your eyes reflect

I'm counting your wrinkles like folds on a curtain
and wonder how young
is your heart,
though it's been an exhibit for ages
to a distant


miercuri, februarie 01, 2006


"Do you see?" - "Yes"
"Do you speak?" - "Yes"
"Do you live?" - "Yes"
"Plains or mountains?" - "Caves"
"Colour or dusk?" - "Electricity"
"Memory?" - "Once...ago"
"Fear whom?" - "Allselves"
"Trust whom?" - "Past"
"Imagination?" - "For sale"
"One and one?" - "Fake dream"
"1+2?" - "Arithmetics"
"Allegiance?" - "Me"
"Enemy?" - "Me"
"The purpose of not being?" - "Statistics"
"The truth?" - "6 billion truths"
"The delusion?" - "Public opinion"
"The norm?" - "Useless invention"
"Death?" - "Wouldn't help"
"Life?" - "Freedom"
"Eternity?" - "Life for breakfast"
"What to change?" - "Vision"
"Solution?" - "Believe"
"Believe in...?" - "Relativity..."


To a gardener

Don't tread shy sprouts with your burdening steps;
they might die, yes, they might die...

They might bend and feed the earth with their youth,
while it needs strong arbors to free it.

They might rise full of doubt and deny the essence of light,
crawling under feet like poisonous snakes, though still desperate for beauty;

They might wither, oh yes, they might wither
and when you fear it the most, your world will turn into dust.

don't tread shy sprouts with your burdening steps;
every day you might let a miracle


I am the border

I am the border.

Cross me, leave me behind;
beyond it seems that there is sunshine, gateway to paradise and a new life.

I am the border.

Reach me, leave past behind;
beyond it seems that there is freedom, nothing to lose and silence.

I am the border.

I'm not beyond; I am the line
separating now from forever, always crossed, but never read or seen...


The (Un)known

Is it easy to stop,
to say and to hear?
To turn away
from obvious things,
comfortable and warm,
and to give up
the shelter
of the known?

Once, we've invented the Red Book for open doors.
Should walls follow?



We're all newborn every time
one discovers oneself...
Strange archaeology. Digging at the surface
for deep things...



Winter has covered me all.
But I still see in empty faces
signs of spring.
Could I without it coming?


Under the water

Under the water
there's always sun;
and I see our world above as a little stain of transparent colour,
twisting like a hurricane.
Silence and peace
are my earings
time's at my feet.

Under the water,
where all freedoms meet.


sâmbătă, ianuarie 28, 2006


I wish this world were used to a new disease;
an incurable ill, a plague, a deadly virus;
when medicine struggles to sell drugs after drugs, to make us live, it would catch us all in,
it would spread like silence, it would reap thousands… do you know what that is?
One seed feeds the earth, one earth feeds the seed
One cell, one life, eternally spreading, pandemic…
All affected, all one…
Still all we do is beat up pain with artificial feelings, while this is never to be treated…

We fear.

I wish this world were used to a new disease,
an incurable ill, a plague, a deadly virus.
A total madness and a lucid state in which we’re all forever doomed to live.


vineri, ianuarie 27, 2006


You and me
standing at two different edges of the rocking chair,
balancing not to fall.
Your weight and my weight are equal,
each step
can make us lose.
So, we stand,
day and night, unable to make the step,
to get closer
or to get apart, tied by a strange law
of balance
between things.
You and me,
different as black and white, though, sometimes, being a light shadow,
unspoken, unread,
look each other in the eyes.
And see nothing, for it’s need that unites us
and we’re afraid to breathe,
because we are too high.
If we fall,
We’ll lie breathless, stretched on the ground,
hear people say
about how lovely our life must have been
and how tragic it
had to end.
But, in truth,
we just wanted to break down the laws
that kept holding us there,
not being close even a bit.
You and me,
standing at two different edges of the rocking chair,
are saved,
when, step by step, in synchronicity,
we reach each other,
ready to see
everything unseen.


If (to Farooque)

If days to come seem dark and cold –
They’re not! For you they’re not!
For you the sun will give its gold –
Just treasure what you’ve got!

If words just wouldn’t tell a thing
To anyone around,
Make words a hymn, and make it ring,
And make it proudly sound!

And may all smiles and laughing eyes
Be seen and shared by you!
And may your smile reach sunny highs
And make you breathe anew!


joi, ianuarie 26, 2006

Ancient Legend II

Once on a distant greenish shore
Adjusted to the bank
A man was seated; waiting for
The sun, that gently sank.

He asked the river passing by
About his life and tears and pain
He asked the earth, he asked the sky,
And asked the wind, and asked the rain
“Why should I live, why should I die
Which is my aim, o, perfect sea,
My mind is full, no truth, no lie
What shall I do, what shall l see?”
“No fear”, answered, clear and low,
The sea; “Your fate is meant to be
One of a hundred; you should know
That you’ll be changed; listen to me:
You’ll wave your hand and rocks will fall,
You’ll save a life – the world you’ll save,
You’ll never fail, you’ll never stall,
The sun will shine on all you gave.”
“O, fair sun, my knowledge’s poor,
Shall l confess my mind to you?
Tell me the way, oh, please, endure,
Shall l know these, all that l knew?”
”Without knowledge”, said the sun,
“You’re nothing, and your heart is lost;
With knowledge you know you’re the one
To save the things you love the most.
You shouldn’t be afraid; the night
Is gone the moment comes the day.
And if you save its morning light,
Then lightened be your further way.”
“O, wind, you’re blowing through the years,
My dolour’s this: l want to know
Shall l hear, passing by my ears,
All things that mankind made its vow?”
“If you don’t hear”, the wind replied,
“You’ll never know your inner thought,
You’re not alone, you have your guide
Through feelings, through the pain you’ve got.
Perfection comes with love for light,
For knowledge; you should have no fear
Tell people things that change their might
And love will never find a mere!”
Thus spoke the wind, the sun, the sea,
The man rose up and watched the dawn
He wasn’t even frightened; he
Was straight; and all his fears – gone.

And even when he feels the ground
And all his life is full of tears,
He knows: there’s only love around
And love he’ll carry through the years.


sâmbătă, ianuarie 21, 2006

The Heritage

Eyes closed we see the world
through open fields towards the dawn.
Step one…step two…gallop…
like a herd of wild stags running,
like a momentary dream.
Who’s behind and what’s in front? Who knows…who asks…
Rebel ghosts of time through each soul
and their footprints burn and never fade…
our dreams - our engine, our open eyes, our world,
the heritage –
are yawning, put to sleep by those
who say
that nothing brave


The Mirror

When there are times of hesitation, which resurrect the buried strain,
I ask myself if there’s salvation for goals we’re eager to attain.
If only people could be lighter! How many changes could have come…
But there’s no need to be a fighter to dream, to reach, to overcome.

No need to be a public hero to prove that changes can be done,
But when I look into the mirror, I see I’m not the only one;
There’s one more me, the me repeating the gestures an inverted way;
And I can see that we’re competing ourselves and giving time away.

What if we see same things we measure as standards with a different sight?
What if we care for every treasure and find once more the needed might?
The world’s fragile, but it’s still standing because of all what made it live –
Each heartfelt word has done the mending to build what we should once achieve!


marți, ianuarie 17, 2006

A letter for the going (to Natasha)

No road is easy, as you know
As long as you still walk;
You see that people come and go;
And wouldn’t even talk.
Some wouldn’t even take a look
To see if you’re still there;
They care not for the road you took
And their hearts are bare.
The greatest pain of all may be
Is suddenly to find
That those you loved begin to flee
Away, and you’ve been blind.
But, see, this blindness is no sin,
It’s just a kind of sight,
Because forgiving all, you win
And make your feelings bright.
Don’t care about a world of tears,
But think of one in bloom.
Let go all troubles and all fears,
Don’t let them make them room.
And get up early, every day,
With one thing on your mind:
“I’m thankful for my chosen way
And thankful I’m not blind! ”


Didst Thou Smell A Rose?

Didst thou smell a rose? Its light
Wilt make thee smile in the morn,
Wilt call thee beauty o’the night,
Where in the skies the stars art born.
My little fiere, bird o’sun,
Wilt sing for thee, one summer day.
Its song thou share with everyone,
An’ send on wings o’wind away.
Thine endless faithfulness an’ grace
Make thee the Sovran o’the glow,
That’s sent by sunshine o’er braes
For telling thee: “I dear thee so!”
Thine followers art streams o’air,
An’ prints o’wind, left on the sand.
Who knows, how much can take an’ share
The only movement o’thine hand?!


luni, ianuarie 16, 2006

Sentenced to life

He told me he was sentenced. Sentenced to life with no right to appeal
or right to follow his own way.
“You live!” – an order or a hope for someone else, who thinks that life
may be a blessing
to a bleeding soul. How wrong and strange that comes!
Away, in fields of gold and sun, over the heaven rainbows
he thinks he’ll find the needed peace.
But that’s a dream – now, there’s the moment and the day,
when life, as jail, and death, as judge, would meet
and play with souls and bones.
From now on, every day…

He told me he was sentenced. To life.
That perfect day
I saw my words come out, as kites in foamy skies, repeating:
“Make life your tool and build yourself the way out…”


Would you

Would you love if love were suddenly forbidden,
as crime against the reasonable mind?
Would you love, if all the needed hints were hidden
and truth were though impossible to find?
Would you share the last remaining shard of kindness
which meant to be your only saving sail?
Would you learn that the impediment’s your blindness,
and finally give up your masking veil?

Would you stop when angry mobs would call for killing
and face yourself, when hearing their cries?
Oh, would you love if love were nothing more than feeling,
still love, though knowing hatred never dies?


Rainy day

It’s a rainy day outside and my mind is at peace. I’m breathing;
full breast, like a kite in the air.
Waiting for the sun, I see that nothing is real,
‘cause the water washes old faces and dirty appearance away. It cleans up the soul.
And tomorrow
I walk my usual way and laugh
‘cause I know everything as it was, as it really is, and the faces put away on the shelf,
waiting for being worn;
and I pick up, out of all of them,
real souls, whom rain
will never change and never wash.
And I’m happy
it’s a rainy day outside and my mind is at peace. I’m breathing;
full breast, like a kite in the air.
Waiting for the sun, I see that nothing is real,
except for the world created
by each smile I gather
in the eve.


One day alive

One day alive as gift for well-spent true existence
If I were given, what would I exchange it for?
Another great achievement, made with no assistance,
Another chain come off, once won a bloody war?

No, I need nothing more to feel that life’s worth living
And nothing to fill up that one remaining day;
I found that life is given only if you’re giving
And just to those, who live the moment of today.

I need no proof for miracles that happen daily,
I need no names for deeds that are with courage done;
I want to know I live my life, and live it gaily,
Each day expecting the arousal of the sun.

With faith and love I make my way through stones and ashes,
Fulfilling every day a new established goal;
And I am sure I’ll stand when all around me crashes
Because my world won’t leave me empty, cold and sole.

One day alive when lifetime spent if I were given,
I would receive it with a smile and peaceful mind;
To know that every pain was melted and forgiven,
To say once more: “Be loving, wise, unchained and kind!”


Ode to imperfection

You’re so imperfect, that each little thing you do
Breaks any frame we use to measure beauty;
Your words, your smile, the greatest goals you’re heading to
To me are all that makes your highest duty.

You are so human, so alive, that heaven fades
And every step you make leaves guiding traces;
You are a lighthouse for the souls of renegades
And you remind the earth their million faces.

Let people say that love needs standards hard to keep,
Don’t trust their words, for their hearts are hollow;
I’ll only tell you truly that my love’s so deep,
That you’re the one I’ll always seek and follow.

And nothing will replace your warm, imperfect eyes,
That watch the world with such amazing kindness;
Each day I want to thank you, that perfection dies
When you remain to heal my innate blindness!


duminică, ianuarie 15, 2006


If I were a little cradle,
Swinging gently side from side,
I would paint your dreamings raddle
And I easily would paddle
To where all the dreams abide.

There, on shores of milk and honey,
I would raise on greenish tor
Golden towers, slim and sunny,
And a town in shape of bunny,
All for dreams you’re waiting for.

It would have some yards of glimmer,
All with gates of sugar glaze;
Folks would stop to see it shimmer,
And to taste the milky river,
Or to watch it in a daze.

There, inside the biggest tower,
You would reign this land of sweet
And would be at any hour
Of the day or night in power
To do what you’d like with it.

But that’s if I were your fairy,
But your dreams are made of sun!
So, dream on, be light and merry,
Don’t you cry and don’t be weary
And bring joy to everyone!


sâmbătă, ianuarie 14, 2006

Invocating dance

I dance above the flaming sand
Two steps to the right, two to the left
Would you catch me?
Between the sun and burning land
Two steps to the right, two to the left
You can’t fetch me
I am the soul of every sound
Two steps to the right, two to the left
You won’t see me
For I am air and freedom bound
Two steps to the right, two to the left
So, please, free me!



Mother Earth, feed us, fill us with your strength
The children have all gone away.
Oh, creator, allowing genocide,
Love us all the same
Love us all the same
Love us all…
Father Wind, hold us, don’t let us scatter around
For there are no children left.
Oh, patron, allowing hatred to spread,
Love us all the same
Love us all the same
Love us all…
Holy waters, clean us, wash the sins away,
The blood of the children.
Oh, purifiers, allowing burial for dark deeds,
Love us all the same
Love us all the same
Love us all…


Don’t blame love

Don’t blame love for being cruel – you whether kill or save with love,
so, choose:
to be creator of life,
or annihilator of feeling;
but don’t blame love for being you. Cruel. And possessive.
Ready to take or to give.
All at your choice.


vineri, ianuarie 13, 2006

Love life, play life, live life

Love life, play life, live life
Endlessly, looking it in the eyes,
Light and loveliness all over you
And your heart lively, as the limitless lands
Love life, play life, live life
Like seagulls flying over your head,
Listening to the melody of the shoreline and of the waves

Love life, play life, live life,
And make your living


You are

Y ou are everywhere –
O ver the mountain and
U nder the sea.

A re you reachable?
R esurrecting, you saved the world, by making
E nemies friends.



Formula of life;
From me to you and back to me and one unique self – transposal;
Who goes against his own self?
All together and all one – isn’t this the way to happiness?
The simple is always the hardest
To fulfil.


Look through me

If you want to see me, look through me and don’t be afraid,
I’m not what it seems.
If you’re scared of the blood running through my veins,
or of the white bones,
let me go and forget my name.
If you’re scared of imperfection, I’ll tell you this:
there exists no ugliness except for rotten hearts
and all the people
are trapped in cells of their own flesh –
some comfortable and some cold,
but still cages with no way out.

if you want to see me, look through me
and you’ll find
a whole new world
behind the bars…


joi, ianuarie 12, 2006

What’s worth?

What’s worth loving you,
if you don’t understand love,
if you throw it away along with those read yesterday magazines of yours,
so, what’s worth loving you?

What’s worth believing in you,
if you don’t see the meaning of believing
and keep walking on your own in the opposite direction to the one you’ve chosen,
so, what’s worth believing in you?

What’s worth loving you,
if you measure love in pounds while I do in feelings?
But if it’s not, then who will heal your wounds
when you discover the world is just like you said?...



Ding-a don, a-ding-a-don
All the hurricanes are gone,
So may rest your troubled mind,
Free from storms of any kind.

Ding-a-don, a-don-a-ding,
Let your heart in pleasure sing,
Let you find the way you seek
Let bloom roses on your cheek.

Ding-a-don, a-ding-a-don,
Let your life be endless dawn,
And let every single day
Worth continuing your way!


The beloved

I can hear everything: the wind, the cry and the whisper,
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
I can hear what they’re speaking, every thought I follow,
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
Do you see the dawn arising, red as betrayal?
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
It’s the light of a new day, which will end the way all ended,
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
Don’t you see, you need arousal,
for your beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground!
Turn the wind and fly back home, freely,
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
Love again, love thoughtlessly
for the beloved is lying under seven hills,
in a wet ground.
And give heart to each day of living
by your beloved on those seven hills,
in a sacred ground.


The roundabout

Life is a roundabout, never stopping if you want to descend,
it catches you in when less expected;
Choose your horse – would it be black, or white,
or do you prefer dapple?
The man in a grey shirt would stand by and watch
how happy kids in coloured dresses
become respectable old men and women with snow-white hair-dressings and glimmering glasses,
whom little children would ask for candies and fairy-tales.
And they all move in the same direction, for those who dare not to are sentenced to death,
so they fall every night from their stags
and are buried in taboo ground.
They may think they have their world,
but, in fact, it’s just another sphere turning round a nucleus,
like the Earth and the Sun.
And their faces are marked
by a false tent of self-elevated wisdom.

Life is a roundabout.
Coming and going, people pay their price and the man in a grey shirt
keeps sitting on his chair, watching how hundreds and hundreds, seated on a wrong horse
imagine themselves


You, the one who’s always right

You, the one who’s always right,
explain to me the meaning of hatred
biting the soul from inside.
Why is the soul rotten, who is it rotten for,
if the world is so small and illusionary?
I’ve been always told about love,
but it’s been a waste image of nothing, unfelt,
and who’d make it a blazon, if misunderstood and renegade?

You, the one who’s always right,
you never see the future, but you know it
and run away from any danger – that’s how you’ve lived forever
and discovered the power of life.
But is that life?

You, the one who’s always right,
have you ever tasted the salt of a limitless sea
and said what the waves say,
disguised in a billion voices of the seagulls over the clouds,
have you found the truth?

I’ve learned that you’re the one who’s never wrong,
but not the one who’s always right,
because your truth is irrespective of time and place,
and I’m living in a world of here and today…


miercuri, ianuarie 11, 2006

The wind on an empty alley

Do you know whose voice is claiming to be
you, when you know that your soul is hollow?

It’s the wind on an empty alley…


On the run

You’re always on the run.
Regardless of the wind and thunder
You make each day become a wonder
And full of joy and sun.

You’re always where you’re meant.
And people learn they need each other
And brother stands for his own brother
And says you’re heaven sent.

You’re always where is need.
Who knows how long you’ll still be there?
But counting that… no-one would dare
You live in every deed.

You’re always on the run.
And if one day your steps don’t follow
And days fill up with pain and sorrow
Who’ll comfort everyone?...



And flying was the dream you kept inside,
forever hoping and believing blindly
in people.

Who was the one to show you the highest rock?...


I tell you

I tell you: “Your eyes are mirrors
In which I see my best self”
You tell me: “Look beyond”

I tell you: “Your silence is the price
I pay for oblivion”
You tell me: “Priceless is life only”

I tell you: “Your smile’s the light
I follow in the dark”
You tell me: “Open your heart”

I ask you: “When will you chase me away
For all my sins and sorrows?”
And you say: “I’m not good at throwing stones at the ones I love”…


Ten minutes past midnight

Don’t lie there in the cold, not even whispering
I can’t see you broken to pieces
You made of words gaudían castles
And I saw through your eyes what nobody has ever seen.
Don’t lie there, in the dark, you, the creator of glow
I can’t turn on the lights, for they might blind you
You spoke thunderian and rainean, and even dawnean,
While I spoke English and nothing more.
Don’t you see that now I’m stronger
Only because you gave up life, thoughtlessly and in vain
You are my shadow, and I’m yours
United forever in joy and sorrow, good or worse.
Don’t lie there, on your own, get up and walk
You’re not even seated in a wheel-chair
You lost your target, and now I’m losing you
Don’t let my target follow you after.
Don’t lie there in the cold, not even whispering
I can’t see you broken to pieces
If it’s so to be, let you be kaleidoscopic
I don’t mind discovering your new parts
Out of which you’ll rebuild your disassembled world.



A, that’s you who lifts me into the sky,
You, who helps me to fall,
Falling down by my side, on the wet ground

A, that’s you who shuts the door
To strangers bothering me when I sleep,
Giving me silence, even wishing to speak

A, that’s you who knows every stain on my heart,
Ready to wash it with sweat of hard labour
On my dirty self

A, that’s you who never asks and never wishes
Always ready to give, not to take
Where have you gone?

When I didn’t notice your shadow any more
I got angry with the world
That it had taken you away,
Not realizing that it was me, not the world
Who’s done the parting,
Not caring for the real you, the you I left behind…


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