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marți, octombrie 20, 2009


let's pretend
we all do what we think
and that we're together
for no other reason
than trust

let's pretend
there's no evil,
no fear
and that we can walk
like two strangers
in the night.

let's pretend
we're just two people
out on a busy highway
trying to catch a car
to go nowhere
at all.

let's pretend
we have time
to resume all dreamings
and to make the world
way better
than it is.

let's try
maybe let's try
let us run together
away from this dusty city round
let go all doubts
and live

let's try
let's try
maybe let us try
and know
and never know
and learn
not to pretend.


  • At 11:53 p.m., Blogger B said…

    You started writing again! Indeed, UNI and UK are changing you for the better.

    Maybe we'll share a hot cup of cider under the the big Christmas tree.


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