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duminică, octombrie 18, 2009

Body Fragile

Rocks, metal and glass...with the smoothness of a feather, the sun falls to the ground.

Swimming through the light, the soul of Icarus

forgot to trace the line between allowed and forbidden.

Our body fragile.

Can one break the glasses, wishing to see the sun?

The blind see better, no matter if eyes closed.

Hoping for a wonder, all look for a universal cure.

Our body fragile.

What's thinner, glass or ice, be it spring or winter?

If one runs on thin ice, the water will see one's heart pulsing in one's fingers.

If one runs on glass, the earth sees one's fear.

So it's better to contemplate.

Our body fragile.

What's high, is high, what's deep, is deep. We live on average altitudes.

Loving to sprite and to dive we learn how not to.

Turn away, pieces will never turn into a whole.

Our body fragile.

What's curable, makes statistics, what isn't makes life;

who learns to love this life is the winner.

Who's not afraid of loss and of mending,

who doesn't seek order lives.

Our body fragile.

Rocks, metal and glass...What if we always tried to see what's harder,

what if we were afraid to break?

Who would have told us we're small bugs on a blue, round wonder...

Our body fragile.


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