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duminică, decembrie 03, 2006

Open the door

Open the door and we’ll never see you.
Open the door to that side.
Who wants to hold you, who wants to keep you, who wants to lose the only key?
Who holds your smile, who holds your whisper, your eyes’ kindness, your words, your mind?
Who wants to catch you and never let you, who wants to stand and never run?
Who wants to reach you, who wants to stop you and turn it upside down?
Are they all wrong? You don’t know the answer, you have your door, you have your key.
But each time you’re coming home, it’s not to them and it has no meaning.
You open the door to that side.
Once we were thoughtless, but now we stand by a closed door;
wishing to know why, though knowing
that it’s all
and forever
and gone.



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