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marți, mai 16, 2006


This has all gone too far, so now I say “Forgive me!”.
For this look that wants to give, but only takes;
for these eyes that are too frank and thus impossible to trust.
We all killed time, not seeing how time killed us, spending silence for a drink, in childish dreams with winter gone
and prayed to dark angels on both sides of the road
leading to paradise.
What’s paradise? A myth or just a state of mind we never notice when we wash away our goals
along with worn-out make-up in the eve…
Why are we blind when everything has helped us see and share and love each day and everything around?

This all has gone too far. Am I the one to say “Forgive me!”
for sins that used
to save?...



  • At 2:40 p.m., Anonymous Amin said…

    If Life Would Be So Beautiful , Then Tears Never Fell Down From Baby's Eye At Birth...


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