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duminică, octombrie 18, 2009

Universal Saga


They were two steps on the wet sand, the tide washed it away...
The glance of the silence and the line of time,
two seats for two in a dark hall
of an old good theatre.
A world for two in a world for one
and a flower's dream for a butterfly.

She asked: "Do you know life?"
and he answered:
"I'm her son".
That's when they found out about happiness.
"There are two banks" she said.
"One of sorrow and one of desire"
"So, when have you learned to fly?"

She asked: "Do you feel pain?"
and he answered:
"It's nothing but fear. Fear to be the one you are"
"When you face a falling wall"
"Of your own integrity"

She asked: "Can you keep us safe"
"and one and always forever?"
And he answered:
"There's no always and no forever,"
"but there's just now".


It comes with no warning, it comes on a wrong way,
rich harvest of innocence, the fruit of curiosity; i
t changes the sight for other colours
and it sings for those who thought they were born deaf and blind.
It cuts the legs of a running hope
but it gives wings to the desperate loneliness
so that it can become a dual joy.
It rings the bells and it shuts the doors.
Always above and always below,
the primary law of attraction and unity,
the primary law of sacrifice.
It can kill, it can resurrect;
it can fall down like a mountain stream or it can crawl like a spring tress,
still it's the beginning and the end.


She says: "Don't raise anger"
"In a garden of sun"
And he replies:
"It's a plague"
"Coming with the rain, when it brings thunder".
"Thunder is the light, but it's also the darkness"
"And without darkness we would miss the light."

She says:"Guard the moments"
"Which you lose while waiting for the bus."
And he replies:
"That's when I think"
"The world is wonderful"
"Turn around to see a passing face"
"Of someone you have never seen"
"He might be happier - then learn"
"He might be unhappy - then teach"


That's the two of them,
the One and the Other.
One is the wind, one is the branch;
one is the star, one is the universe;
one is the sea, one is the shore.
They'll never meet, one is the satellite
turning around the other's world.
They'll never part, one is the rhythm
of the other's heart.
Both looking for a meaning
in what has always been the truth,
what has always been the answer
to the uncertainty
of life.


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