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joi, ianuarie 26, 2006

Ancient Legend II

Once on a distant greenish shore
Adjusted to the bank
A man was seated; waiting for
The sun, that gently sank.

He asked the river passing by
About his life and tears and pain
He asked the earth, he asked the sky,
And asked the wind, and asked the rain
“Why should I live, why should I die
Which is my aim, o, perfect sea,
My mind is full, no truth, no lie
What shall I do, what shall l see?”
“No fear”, answered, clear and low,
The sea; “Your fate is meant to be
One of a hundred; you should know
That you’ll be changed; listen to me:
You’ll wave your hand and rocks will fall,
You’ll save a life – the world you’ll save,
You’ll never fail, you’ll never stall,
The sun will shine on all you gave.”
“O, fair sun, my knowledge’s poor,
Shall l confess my mind to you?
Tell me the way, oh, please, endure,
Shall l know these, all that l knew?”
”Without knowledge”, said the sun,
“You’re nothing, and your heart is lost;
With knowledge you know you’re the one
To save the things you love the most.
You shouldn’t be afraid; the night
Is gone the moment comes the day.
And if you save its morning light,
Then lightened be your further way.”
“O, wind, you’re blowing through the years,
My dolour’s this: l want to know
Shall l hear, passing by my ears,
All things that mankind made its vow?”
“If you don’t hear”, the wind replied,
“You’ll never know your inner thought,
You’re not alone, you have your guide
Through feelings, through the pain you’ve got.
Perfection comes with love for light,
For knowledge; you should have no fear
Tell people things that change their might
And love will never find a mere!”
Thus spoke the wind, the sun, the sea,
The man rose up and watched the dawn
He wasn’t even frightened; he
Was straight; and all his fears – gone.

And even when he feels the ground
And all his life is full of tears,
He knows: there’s only love around
And love he’ll carry through the years.



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