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duminică, ianuarie 15, 2006


If I were a little cradle,
Swinging gently side from side,
I would paint your dreamings raddle
And I easily would paddle
To where all the dreams abide.

There, on shores of milk and honey,
I would raise on greenish tor
Golden towers, slim and sunny,
And a town in shape of bunny,
All for dreams you’re waiting for.

It would have some yards of glimmer,
All with gates of sugar glaze;
Folks would stop to see it shimmer,
And to taste the milky river,
Or to watch it in a daze.

There, inside the biggest tower,
You would reign this land of sweet
And would be at any hour
Of the day or night in power
To do what you’d like with it.

But that’s if I were your fairy,
But your dreams are made of sun!
So, dream on, be light and merry,
Don’t you cry and don’t be weary
And bring joy to everyone!



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