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sâmbătă, ianuarie 21, 2006

The Mirror

When there are times of hesitation, which resurrect the buried strain,
I ask myself if there’s salvation for goals we’re eager to attain.
If only people could be lighter! How many changes could have come…
But there’s no need to be a fighter to dream, to reach, to overcome.

No need to be a public hero to prove that changes can be done,
But when I look into the mirror, I see I’m not the only one;
There’s one more me, the me repeating the gestures an inverted way;
And I can see that we’re competing ourselves and giving time away.

What if we see same things we measure as standards with a different sight?
What if we care for every treasure and find once more the needed might?
The world’s fragile, but it’s still standing because of all what made it live –
Each heartfelt word has done the mending to build what we should once achieve!



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