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marți, ianuarie 17, 2006

A letter for the going (to Natasha)

No road is easy, as you know
As long as you still walk;
You see that people come and go;
And wouldn’t even talk.
Some wouldn’t even take a look
To see if you’re still there;
They care not for the road you took
And their hearts are bare.
The greatest pain of all may be
Is suddenly to find
That those you loved begin to flee
Away, and you’ve been blind.
But, see, this blindness is no sin,
It’s just a kind of sight,
Because forgiving all, you win
And make your feelings bright.
Don’t care about a world of tears,
But think of one in bloom.
Let go all troubles and all fears,
Don’t let them make them room.
And get up early, every day,
With one thing on your mind:
“I’m thankful for my chosen way
And thankful I’m not blind! ”



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