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luni, ianuarie 16, 2006

Sentenced to life

He told me he was sentenced. Sentenced to life with no right to appeal
or right to follow his own way.
“You live!” – an order or a hope for someone else, who thinks that life
may be a blessing
to a bleeding soul. How wrong and strange that comes!
Away, in fields of gold and sun, over the heaven rainbows
he thinks he’ll find the needed peace.
But that’s a dream – now, there’s the moment and the day,
when life, as jail, and death, as judge, would meet
and play with souls and bones.
From now on, every day…

He told me he was sentenced. To life.
That perfect day
I saw my words come out, as kites in foamy skies, repeating:
“Make life your tool and build yourself the way out…”



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