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luni, ianuarie 16, 2006

Ode to imperfection

You’re so imperfect, that each little thing you do
Breaks any frame we use to measure beauty;
Your words, your smile, the greatest goals you’re heading to
To me are all that makes your highest duty.

You are so human, so alive, that heaven fades
And every step you make leaves guiding traces;
You are a lighthouse for the souls of renegades
And you remind the earth their million faces.

Let people say that love needs standards hard to keep,
Don’t trust their words, for their hearts are hollow;
I’ll only tell you truly that my love’s so deep,
That you’re the one I’ll always seek and follow.

And nothing will replace your warm, imperfect eyes,
That watch the world with such amazing kindness;
Each day I want to thank you, that perfection dies
When you remain to heal my innate blindness!



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