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luni, ianuarie 16, 2006

One day alive

One day alive as gift for well-spent true existence
If I were given, what would I exchange it for?
Another great achievement, made with no assistance,
Another chain come off, once won a bloody war?

No, I need nothing more to feel that life’s worth living
And nothing to fill up that one remaining day;
I found that life is given only if you’re giving
And just to those, who live the moment of today.

I need no proof for miracles that happen daily,
I need no names for deeds that are with courage done;
I want to know I live my life, and live it gaily,
Each day expecting the arousal of the sun.

With faith and love I make my way through stones and ashes,
Fulfilling every day a new established goal;
And I am sure I’ll stand when all around me crashes
Because my world won’t leave me empty, cold and sole.

One day alive when lifetime spent if I were given,
I would receive it with a smile and peaceful mind;
To know that every pain was melted and forgiven,
To say once more: “Be loving, wise, unchained and kind!”



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