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marți, ianuarie 17, 2006

Didst Thou Smell A Rose?

Didst thou smell a rose? Its light
Wilt make thee smile in the morn,
Wilt call thee beauty o’the night,
Where in the skies the stars art born.
My little fiere, bird o’sun,
Wilt sing for thee, one summer day.
Its song thou share with everyone,
An’ send on wings o’wind away.
Thine endless faithfulness an’ grace
Make thee the Sovran o’the glow,
That’s sent by sunshine o’er braes
For telling thee: “I dear thee so!”
Thine followers art streams o’air,
An’ prints o’wind, left on the sand.
Who knows, how much can take an’ share
The only movement o’thine hand?!



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