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sâmbătă, ianuarie 28, 2006


I wish this world were used to a new disease;
an incurable ill, a plague, a deadly virus;
when medicine struggles to sell drugs after drugs, to make us live, it would catch us all in,
it would spread like silence, it would reap thousands… do you know what that is?
One seed feeds the earth, one earth feeds the seed
One cell, one life, eternally spreading, pandemic…
All affected, all one…
Still all we do is beat up pain with artificial feelings, while this is never to be treated…

We fear.

I wish this world were used to a new disease,
an incurable ill, a plague, a deadly virus.
A total madness and a lucid state in which we’re all forever doomed to live.



  • At 10:19 p.m., Anonymous Anonim said…

    Good luck with the exam tommorrow! Although you don't need it! You will pass easy! Steve :)

  • At 9:52 p.m., Anonymous Anonim said…

    Вы пишете хорошую поэзию


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