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joi, ianuarie 12, 2006

You, the one who’s always right

You, the one who’s always right,
explain to me the meaning of hatred
biting the soul from inside.
Why is the soul rotten, who is it rotten for,
if the world is so small and illusionary?
I’ve been always told about love,
but it’s been a waste image of nothing, unfelt,
and who’d make it a blazon, if misunderstood and renegade?

You, the one who’s always right,
you never see the future, but you know it
and run away from any danger – that’s how you’ve lived forever
and discovered the power of life.
But is that life?

You, the one who’s always right,
have you ever tasted the salt of a limitless sea
and said what the waves say,
disguised in a billion voices of the seagulls over the clouds,
have you found the truth?

I’ve learned that you’re the one who’s never wrong,
but not the one who’s always right,
because your truth is irrespective of time and place,
and I’m living in a world of here and today…



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